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Introducing the Mark Two™ 3D Printer
Mark Two 3D Printer
The New Mark Two™ for industrial strength 3D printing
The Mark Two composite 3D printer from Markforged gives you the ability to go from CAD to strong, stiff parts far faster than other internal or external 3D printing or machining services. You can trust the Mark Two to meet your 3D printing goals, through its revolutionary and cost effective system. The second generation machine has two print heads, one builds nylon, the second reinforces those parts with continuous fiber.
Industrial Strength 3D Printing
markforged Materials
Design and print uniquely and automatically
reinforced plastic parts
Designed to produce parts with the strength of metal. Print parts with a nylon base reinforced with materials such as: ● Fiberglass ● Kevlar®
● Carbon Fiber ● High-strength, high-temperature fiberglass for high temperature environments like the aerospace and automotive industries.
RP Support is the authorised reseller for Markforged in the UK market, so contact us today to arrange a demo and for further information.

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