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Markforged Materials

Under our authorised reseller agreement with Markforged, RPS is now supplying the new Industrial Series X3, X5 and X7 (previously known as the Mark X), the Desktop series Onyx One, Onyx Pro and Mark Two and the Metal X series of 3D printers and composite fibre embedded materials as well as technical support and service contracts for all products.

Markforged materials

Amazingly strong 3D printed composite parts made from materials and technology you can only find in a Markforged printer. Materials combine to give you superior composites by starting with our base plastics and adding continuous fibers for reinforcement. Engineer parts for toughness, strength, high temperature, stability and resilience.

Plastic Materials

Every Markforged printed part starts with a base plastic filament extruded from our first print head.  Parts made of plastics alone have excellent engineered properties such as toughness, stiffness, stability and strength over other plastic printers.

Fiber Materials

Reinforce parts with continuous fiber for amazing properties through our second print head.  You have a choice of four fiber materials for tremendous boosts in strength, toughness and other properties for the most advanced uses any 3D printer can provide.

Onyx Material

is at the core of all Markforged printers starting with the Onyx One. It is a beautiful black filament made from combining tough nylon with micro-carbon reinforcement. Onyx gives you stiff and dimensionally stable engineering grade parts, with twice the strength of other 3D printed plastics. Onyx parts have a high quality surface finish and high heat tolerance.

Markforged Materials Data Sheet

Markforged Onyx Fact Sheet

Watch Introducing Onyx, Markforged’s New Material Video

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