RP Support is very pleased to announce the NEO800, the new production stereolithography system designed and built by RPS engineers in the UK.

Key features and benefits of the system include:

  • Offering best in class, exceptional part sidewall quality, with a scanning resolution to within
    1 micron, the NEO800 significantly reduces finishing time by up to 50%
  • The NEO800 open resin system is compatible with all 355 nm SL resins, allowing freedom
    of material selection for customized solutions and facilitate the development of further
    functional materials
  • The print area of 800 x 800 x 600 is 30% larger than systems with similar footprints
    from other manufactures allowing production of large parts without sectioning and bonding
  • Designed for production, the NEO800 is optimized to run 24/7/365 with minimum
    intervention to maximise uptime
  • A high power 2 watt laser is capable of processing advanced composite materials
  • On board UPS system ensures critical uptime during power disturbances
  • The intuitive Titanium software is easy to use, logical and designed in collaboration
    with experienced SLA users
  • An already proven manufacturing system, qualified in a manufacturing environment
    by Paragon Rapid Technologies

See our NEO800 Technical Datasheet

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"This is an exceptionally well engineered system, designed
and developed by people who understand the product. It is an
open machine that is adaptable
to meet different customer’s manufacturing needs, and we
are very excited to be launching
it at the TCT Show in September"

David Storey
Director, RPS