RP Support Announced as Sole Distributor for
ProMaker 3D Printing Technology from Prodways

February 2015

RP Support, a leading service, hardware and materials provider to the additive manufacturing market recently announced its new distribution agreement with Prodways® as a sole supplier for the DLP (Digital Light Processing) based 3D printing technology for the UK and Ireland markets.

The ProMaker L series hardware range consists of eight different 3D printers, providing unique solutions to manufacturers. The process offers technological advantages for improved profitability due to the incredible process speed and an unparalleled precision in produced parts with unequalled resolution and by producing the most detailed parts at a high throughput. The hardware range offers equipment optimized for large parts; with diagonal dimensions of more than 1 meter and up to 550 mm high, composite parts; particularly ceramic and metal parts using very highly viscous paste materials, and high precision printers for intricate and detailed parts for dental or biomedical applications.

The MOVINGLight® technology utilized within all Prodways ProMaker hardware combines scrolling DLP and strong UVA LEDs. This combination results in advantages in overall efficiency, homogeneity and outstanding resolution with more than half a billion pixels per layer. DLP-based processes use a vat of liquid photopolymer resin exposed to light from a DLP projector. As the exposed liquid polymer hardens, the build plate moves down in small increments and more liquid polymer is exposed to light. Prodways is the first 3D printer manufacturer in the world to introduce a scrolling DLP head allowing the projection of the image to cure as the head moves.

The PLASTCure range of high performance materials offer parts with enhanced physical, mechanical and aesthetic properties as well as stability over time. In addition, the wide range of premium liquid and paste materials, containing high levels of ceramic, metal or nanoparticles allows the development of specialised materials offering unique properties including ultra high temperature resistance as well as flexibility. Prodways develops its own materials and has continued to expand its expertise through the acquisition of DeltaMed, known for the development of commercial UV curable materials. Prodways also works in partnership with material specialists Dreve and DSM Somos®.

David Storey, Executive Director at RP Support comments, “RP Support is now moving forward with the operational supply of hardware and materials into the market and we will soon be announcing an open day at our premises to introduce interested customers to this innovative new technology.”

For further information or demonstrations of the Prodways MOVINGLight® technology, 3D printing systems please visit or email us directly at

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